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Teeny-Tiny Terrariums

March 27, 2010

Once again, I prove my complete lack of self control.

I thought I’d just pop over to the nearest garden centre for some saucers this afternoon, since in the course of making a magnificent mess on the balcony – pruning, repotting, taking cuttings, pricking seedlings – I had run out.

I grabbed my saucers after a short and contemptuous glance at the remaining bulbs and Persian Buttercups, briefly looked at the ivies among the groundcovers (nothing interesting to be had there), then went back inside to look at the houseplants.

They had apparently got a new  batch of these miniature plants in since the last time I was there. I usually try to avoid those, because the 6 cm pots are just plain impossible to water, though sometimes I can’t resist something particularly cute or hard-to-get.

And this time they’d got ferns. I adore ferns, but I just can’t keep them alive. Apparently, my humidity is still not high enough, even though it’s most definitely too high for my walls. (Maybe, if I definitely want something spore-producing, I should just try to be satisfied with mould instead of longing for ferns…)

I was determined not to buy any more ferns. But looking at these, tiny and cute as they were… surely I could come up with something…?

I narrowly avoided buying all the species they had (six or seven), and limited myself to the two cutest ones.

At home, I dug around in the pantry. Yes, I could come up with something. Not the ideal solution by any means, but it’ll have to do for now – a pickle jar, a bit of plastic wrap and a rubber band, and I’ve got a terrarium of sorts.


They’re nowhere near big enough, obviously, which is why I decided against actually planting the ferns into the jars as I’d originally planned.


I just stuffed in the sphagnum I had lying around from an earlier project to keep them upright and hide the pots.


Aren’t they cute? I have no idea what they are (though the one on the right has these thread-like runner thingies I know from Nephrolepis, so maybe that’s what it is) – will have to do some research.

And I’ll definitely have too look for some bigger containers soon! I was actually at the flea market this morning, where I’d been planning to go for a while in the hope of finding useable glass containers. But of course, while I was there, I couldn’t remember exactly why I had wanted to go there.

(Let’s just hope I don’t kill them before I can get them a bigger home!)

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  1. mattisalomaki permalink
    March 29, 2010 17:52

    Those are super cute, and practical. Great job. Matti


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