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Things I Saw Today

March 29, 2010

Please excuse the rather un-intelligent title. We just switched over to Daylight Saving Time, which made me very fuzzy-brained, and work is constantly crazy-busy. We’re running out of nearly every kind of spring flower, and every time a customer asks me if we have any more pansies, it’s a tough choice between saying, “sorry, no”, or shrieking in frustration and running away, or answering, in my best Sarabi-imitation, “”Scar, there is no food are no pansies. It’s over. There is nothing left.”

In any case, some things I saw today:

On the balcony:

    Viola cornuta 'Endurio White', Chionodoxa luciliae

Viola cornuta ‘Endurio White’, Chionodoxa luciliae

I’m absolutely in love with Glory of the Snow (Chionodoxa) anyway, and this combination is just too beautiful to be true. I wish I could try this on a larger scale, not just a tiny corner of one of my balcony pots.

In front of the house:

    "Guerilla bulbs": tulip, daffodil, grape hyacinths

“Guerilla bulbs”: tulip, daffodil, grape hyacinths

I still haven’t looked up what kind of tulip that is. Still, finding these was a double surprise – blooming tulip, and a patch I’d forgotten I’d planted.

On the way to the supermarket:

    "guerilla primroses"

“guerilla primroses”

I planted these last weekend – they’re the ones from my balcony that were damaged by the frost mentioned here. They didn’t look nice enough to keep in the balcony pots any more, but I couldn’t bear to just throw them out.

What amuses me is that the one on the left was originally the same dark blue colour as the one in the second picture of this post.

And lastly, something I saw at work and brought home because it was too interesting to remain un-photographed, and I had no camera with me:



Looks to me like a virus-caused variegation. I can’t quite decide whether I should think, “evil virus, evil virus, burn it! Burn it!” or “This looks kind of neat, wonder if I can get this to root?”

I also saw a blindworm today, wriggling around rather helplessly on the sidewalk on my way back to the train station after work. I felt sorry for it, so lost and confused, and with nowhere to go, trapped between a wall and a busy street, so I picked it up and carried it in the hood of my jacket to the meadow next to the station. Is it strange of me to look at a blindworm and think, “Awww, so cuuute!”?

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  1. March 29, 2010 23:56

    Maybe a little strange, yes. But I’ve had similar moments.

    Chionodoxa interests me. I can’t figure out whether I’ve seen it before.

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