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Magnifivent Malvaceae, Part 2

July 29, 2010

Yesterday, it was the Hibiscuses, today it’s the rest of the mallow family (or at least, the part of the rest that you can find growing round here – there are many more I haven’t ever seen!)

Let’s start off with the genus the family is named for – the mallows (Malva), much more modest than the Hibiscuses, but no less pretty:

Malva alcea, Cut Leaved Mallow:

Malva moschata, Musk Mallow:

Malva sylvestris, Common or High Mallow – the botanical garden has two varieties:


But the ones growing wild along the fields are much nicer, with larger and darker flowers:

There are Rose Mallows, Lavatera trimestris, in the cut flower beds at work, though again I’m cheating with an old picture:

There are Marsh Mallows, Althaea officinalis at ‘my’ vegetable farm:

Hollyhocks, Alcea rosea – again, old pictures, this time from my grandmother’s garden – when I first showed her these pictures, she hardly believed they were from her place: ‘I didn’t know I had such pretty flowers!’

And Abutilons, Flowering Maple, Chinese Mallow, Chinese Lantern, whatever you want to call them:

Trailing Abutilon, Abutilon megapotamicum:

And the hybrid cultivars:

I’m still hoping to get my hands on these last two colours (again), and on many more – if only I had more space! Why do they only ever sell such big plants that I can’t justify buying?

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