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Happy Holiday (Cacti)!

August 3, 2010

The holiday cacti have definitely been enjoying their holiday in the staircase window, putting out new growth – maybe I’ll get big plants like my granny’s after all.








I’ve moved them all the way out to the balcony now, tucked away under a bench so they’ll be hidden from the worst of the sun – I hope they’ll like it there.

Well, they’ll just have to, because they won’t get moved anywhere else until we’re back from our holiday.

I’m in the midst of moving plants around to make it easier for my friend to water, and spraying everything with neem again, in the hope that I won’t find everything overrun by bugs when I come back. And then I still need to feed the tomatoes, and water everything tomorrow, just before we leave… oh, and pack, I suppose.

And pick tomatoes to bring along. It seems to become a tradition that every time I meet the people I’m planning to meet next weekend, I bring tomatoes. Most of what I’ll bring this time will have to come from the farm, including lots of currant tomatoes, but there’ll be a few of my own, too. I harvested a few handfuls for the pre NaNoWriMo meeting in Vienna last Sunday:

But they’re all boring and red. Can’t have that, not when the people I’ll be meeting are used to this:

And not when one of them is bringing me seeds of white currant tomatoes from the US (I haven’t found anywhere to buy them from here in Europe, and getting them shipped from the US is rather expensive). So she must definitely be introduced to the awesomeness that is currant tomatoes. I’ve got some red ones on the balcony, and I’ll get plenty of yellow ones from the farm (I’ll go crawling around among the tomato plants in their greenhouse tomorrow morning and pick as many as I can find), but I’ve finally got my first yellow one on the balcony, too:

And now I’ll have stuff that camera into its bag for good, and to return to my spraying, plant shuffling, stuffing cloaks, books, socks, maps and a million other things into bags, squeeing and bouncing. Off to the Netherlands tomorrow evening – I’ll see you in about ten days!

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