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Critters in the Greenery: ‘Dragon Trees’

August 18, 2010

No, I’m not talking about bugs today (though there are still plenty of those around). These critters are of a happier sort.

Some people have garden gnomes, some people have lego houses, and I have all the animal figures I’ve collected over the years, some bought or made by myself, some more or less welcome gifts.

This is Gloria:

My mother bought her for me at a Christmas market in Vienna last year – I wanted her both because she was – and is! – cute, and because fluffy dragons reminded me of that year’s Castlefest, where one of my friends bought a little purple dragon by the name of Juliette.

Naming Gloria was difficult – I wanted her to have a flower name, and tried several, but she wouldn’t have any of it. She wanted to be Gloria, so Gloria she is.

At least she was always happy with her home in the Scindapsus pictus, guarding the door to my room. Unwelcome visitors will be dragon-roasted.


For a week now, there has been a second dragon in my room, and he has even taken up residence under one of the dragon trees (namely, Dracaena marginata (or, to use what is apparently the new correct name, D. reflexa var. angustifolia) ‘Tricolor’), half-hidden between the Fittonia and the ‘Moon Valley’ Pilea it is underplanted with:

I bought this cute little guy at this year’s Castlefest, after a long time of wandering around looking at stalls and muttering, ‘I need to buy a critter.’

Naming him took a while, too. I knew he was a boy from the start, so I had to find a boy’s name. The most obvious choice would have been Norbert, after the baby dragon in the first Harry Potter book, but he just didn’t look like a Norbert.

But what else to name him? A considerable number of critter names came out of books, so I glared at my bookshelves, willing them to inspire me.

But none of the dragons in my books had names that fit a chubby, thumb-sucking brown baby dragon.

Fine, I decided, I didn’t need to name him after a dragon. Maybe after a toddler? I started another round of staring-at-books, trying to find a toddler. But the only one I could think of … didn’t have a name. Not a real name, anyway.

But then again, the not-really-a-name name he went by was rather appropriate for a critter who didn’t want to tell me what he was called (usually, names become clear rather quickly). I gave him – and me – some days to think about it, but now it’s decided.

He’ll be named after the main character of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’, and thus he is …

… Nobody.


It’s funny, before I started writing this, I hadn’t even realized that both my dragons were results of going to Castlefest. But I definitely want to have more dragons now. There are still plenty of uninhabited plants.

But there are also plenty of inhabited ones, so there’ll probably be more ‘Critters in the Greenery’ posts.

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