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A Box of Bulbs

October 12, 2010

I always go overboard with everything plant-related. Plants of any kind, seeds, pots, saucers, potting mix, bamboo canes – there’s always too much (and yet, never enough!) of that around and more being bought.

The flower bulbs this year are a prime example.

Ever since ReinSaat, an Austrian company selling organic seeds, started offering organic flower bulbs three years ago, I’ve been ordering from them. Sadly, this also coincided with us leaving our house and garden and moving to an apartment with a balcony. And yet, I tend to forget my space restrictions when I buy seeds or bulbs.

Thirteen bags from ReinSaat this year (I think that’s a record so far), two more from the little seed store in the town centre (always the first place I visit after ordering, to see if they’ve got anything I haven’t been able to get through ReinSaat, and for a brief chat with the owner… I’ve been shopping in that store at least twice a year for six or seven years, and used to walk past on my way to and from school every day for three years), and then three more from the garden centre.

Eighteen bags in all. The madness! The horror! What am I going to do with them, where am I going to put them?

The problem is that I always want a lot, but I don’t want so much of everything. I wouldn’t need more than three or four bulbs of every variety, but every one of the ‘Ecobulbs’ bags contains ten, and the store-bought ones twenty to twenty-five. I’ve already given away some of the bulbs (birthday present for an aunt), and I’ll try to make multiple pots of everything (but where, where will I store those pots?!) and give them away or sell them in Spring. And try not to think about how much I paid for those bulbs. October is already a financial trainwreck, so why worry?

Still, to think that in a year, that ridiculous amount of money/bulbs will have been reduced to this:

A jumble of half-starved bulbs which won’t reliably bloom again the next year, and thus will be used for guerilla gardening. I’d just gotten these bulbs – the ones from this spring – cleaned and the old dirt thrown away, and was feeling all accomplished… and then I opened the new box of bulbs and realized how much work there was still to be done, and what an utter lunatic I am. About 200 bulbs for a single, 2 by 3 m (about 6.5 by 10 feet) balcony.

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  1. November 13, 2010 05:58

    Oh man…I’ve been working at a house with a virtually limitless garden budget…she got herself a lovely 600 or so geophytes planted in her yard. I probably would have put even more if she had space for it.

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