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Spontaneous Disintegration

November 28, 2010

Because spontaneous combustion is getting old. We’re doing something different.

Remember that pretty yellow-and-pink Thanksgiving cactus I bought myself recently, and showed off on Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day? Well, it wakes me up in the morning with the soft patter of dropping stem segments.
I haven’t yet figured out the reason – maybe it’s the same mechanism as with the bud drop (which the wonderful Mr_Subjunctive has explained in his Schlumbergera profile, maybe the segments twist towards the light so fast that they break. Maybe it got too cold, as my mother suggests. Maybe it’s just sulking because I’m not paying it enough attention. This novelling thing, on top of preparing to move into my new apartment, hasn’t left me much time to pamper my plants. And unlike the cat, they can’t climb onto my lap, trample around on my keyboard and stick their butts in my face (ah, cats are such charming creatures, aren’t they?) Maybe that’s why they’re protesting by falling apart instead.

Either way, they’ll soon get more attention again. I’m less than 2000 words away from winning NaNoWriMo, which really isn’t much at all, and the Christmas market job I was supposed to start on Monday just got called off, which leaves me with the urge to call the owner of the stall I was supposed to run all sorts of rude thing and a lot less money, but also a lot more time than expected, which means I should be able to finally give my plants the attention, water and neem treatments they deserve, and moving into my much brighter new place soon.

In the meantime, I’ve unpacked some of the pots I’d already packed up for the move again, and used the dropped segments as cuttings. If they root, at least some good will come from this annoying misbehaviour. And I’ll have plants to sell or give away as gifts next year.

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  1. November 28, 2010 21:48

    If it were cold I’d think the flowers would fall first?

    • November 29, 2010 02:12

      I don’t actually think it’s cold – that’s just my mother’s suggestion. Sure,I keep my room rather cool, but I have the rest of the Schlumbergeras out in the staircase, which is even colder, and one is still out on the balcony, and none of them are falling apart like this.

  2. November 28, 2010 21:48

    It is a beautiful flower though!


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