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The First Three Boxes

December 11, 2010

I started to move my things on Thursday. Not much yet, as the kitchen is the only clean, painted and furnished room so far. Just my dishes, and these three boxes:

And what was in there?

Well, what else could it be? Plants, of course!

The first 30 or so to arrive at the new place – I didn’t count them, and I can’t remember them all off the top of my head (especially since I have no idea how many Tradescantias I have now). Almost all of the plants I’ve been growing as hanging plants on my bookcases, my mother’s kitchen shelves and the bathroom cabinet, in any case. Tradescantias, Epipremnums, Philodendron hederaceums, Monstera obliqua/adansonii/whatever it is called, Cissus antarctica, Chlorophytums, a Syngonium, my still-tiny Tetrastigma, and a Phalaenopsis, which is obviously not a hanging plant. Only the Scindapsus pictus stayed behind, because I forgot to pack it. But it wouldn’t have fit anyway.

They’re all now crammed into my kitchen, mostly on top of shelves and the fridge. A few even got the windowsill, which is somthing these plants knew only by hearsay. They may even see this mythical thing called ‘sunlight’! (I hope the winter sun is weak enough that they don’t get burned.)

This was the easy part – these plants were low enough that they could be packed up in boxes (I found it quite amusing, by the way, that these banana boxes were marked, ‘Handle with care! Keep at 58°F or 14°C’ – also appropriate advice for houseplants!)  But what will I do with the other, taller ones? Especially when my mother is away for the weekend, thus no car, and from Monday on, temperatures are supposed to go down to about -10°C/14°F again (right now, it’s quite ‘warm’ at 0°C/32°F).

But regardless of the weather, they must be moved. I can’t dismantle and move my furniture until I’ve moved the plants that now fill my desk and extra-broad windowsill, and I need part of that desk/windowsill combination to make myself a work table for repotting and such, which is the first thing I need to put in my bedroom, so I’ll know where to put the wardrobe and bed, and how much room remains for a new extra-broad windowsill.

However: I can’t move the furniture until I have moved the plants. I can’t move plants until I have a place for them. I won’t have a place for them until I have moved the furniture.

It’s all very complicated!

But fun!

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  1. December 11, 2010 08:13

    I do not envy you moving plants in the winter. Is that thing with the chestnuty looking leaves the cissus antarctica (the one in the bottom left of the second plant picture)? I really like it.

    • December 11, 2010 15:13

      Yup, that’s the Cissus. It is a really pretty plant, and quite easy now that it’s got good potting mix. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find (I’ve only seen it in stores twice in the last couple of years.)

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