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Merry Christmas…

December 24, 2010

… if you celebrate, and if not, I still wish you a pleasant day, and joy for whatever else you may celebrate this time of year.

Poor Gandalf will once again have to put up with us wishing him a merry Christmas, too, and with being forced to lie decoratively under the Christmas tree…

… after being subjected to another day of crazy dashing-around, tree-decorating, last-minute cookie-baking, present-wrapping and singing along to not exactly ‘ordinary’ carols – some of them goofy children’s songs, and some by my favourite Medieval band, Nornensanc. Here’s my favourite one – though I don’t expect any of my regular readers to understand a word, seeing as it’s in Austrian German. It’s a ‘feminized’ version of a traditional Austrian carol. The title translates to, ‘Come on, girls, pack the bundle’, and it’s about them packing their things and going to Bethlehem to give gifts to Jesus, telling each other to hurry up already.

And with that, I’ll probably disappear for a while, too, to bury myself in books and knitting and endur… ahem… enjoy some time with my family. See you next year!


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