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January Calendar Picture

January 1, 2011

New year (hopefully a happy one for all of us!), time for a new calendar.

I find it difficult to find calendars I like. Either they don’t have enough space for making notes, or no pretty pictures. Or, on the rare occasion that they have both, they’re hideously expensive.

So, since in winter I have little money, but a lot of time, I decided to make a calendar for myself, and a few as gifts while I was at it. Not as professionally as Karen715 at Life Among the Leaves, who even sells houseplants and succulents calendars (if I could afford it, I’d buy one of each – her pictures are so pretty that I even forget I don’t like cacti and succulents!)

Mine are not much different from what I’d have made when I was twelve, if I’d had a computer then. Just plain old printer paper, and pictures glued on and everything stapled together, but it’ll do.

Karen715’s calendars made me wonder, though – there are plenty of calendars with pictures of flowers and trees and gardens… but only ever outdoor plants. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with houseplants. So I decided to use only pictures of potted plants (although some of them only spend winters indoors.)

OK, stopping – or rather, interrupting – my rambling now to present January’s picture:

Even though I use the picture for January, this wasn’t the month when it was taken. Rather, I took it in late April or early May, during the first week of Spring Craziness at work – one of the first days when I worked until closing time, which gave me the chance to take this picture after we’d chased out the last customers and closed the shop.

I don’t usually care much for Phalaenopsises (seen too many of them, and who hasn’t?), but I rather liked this one. I think it was part of a batch that came directly from the grower, instead of from the wholesaler like they usually do. There’s an nursery not too far from here that grows orchids – a rather rare thing in our climate – as well as seasonal plants, and occasionally we get a flat of Phalaenopsises with our Begonias, Impatiens or Cyclamen.

I visited that nursery once on a school trip. Wish I’d taken pictures – might make a nice blog post.

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  1. January 5, 2011 23:38

    Best calendar idea EVER!

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