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February 6, 2011

I took advantage of the warm and sunny weather and finally moved the last of my possessions, including three more boxes of plants, and a few that were too big to fit into the boxes.

Three have been left behind at my mother’s, the oleander I never really liked that much, because it’s a plain boring red (and it’s got scale, still), a Schefflera arboricola which is too big to move easily and which I don’t really like it either (and which’s got scale, too), and a Begonia bowerae, which is old and leggy. I’ve got plenty of younger plants.

My poor mother. Her place is is looking so bare now – I don’t think she’s got more than a dozen plants left!

I also moved some chests of drawers, watering cans, shoes, flower pots, books, saucers for flower pots, a ridiculous amount of Disney comics, bark chips, sewing things, fertilizers, far too many pens, seeds, a printer, pruning shears, lamps, a trowel, and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting. (And I just remembered I forgot to bring the rake, spade and hoes I’ve still stashed in the cellar for when I have a garden again)

And while I already had the car, I went and bought some potting mix. I’m not allowed to make noise on Sundays, so while I can’t work on my last woodwork project, I can the mass repotting that needs to be done. After I’ve figured out where to put all these plants… ah well, there’s room for a third row on the living room and bedroom window sills.

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