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January at the Botanical Garden, Part 2: Camellias

February 9, 2011

Part 1: Snow

On into the warmth of the greenhouses – it’s Camellia time!

Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t understand the fuss people made about Camellia. I think it was during my trip to Germany in 2008, when I spent a lot of time taking pictures at the botanical gardens in Marburg and Munich, that I started looking at them more closely, and realized they were really quite beautiful.

C. 'Inspiration' (C. reticulata x C. saluenensis)

Camellia 'Cornish Snow' (C. saluenensis x C. cuspidata) This one had very small flowers, 5 cm/2 inches across, and slender, arching branches - probably one of my favourites!

C. japonica 'Blaze of Glory' - this picture was meant as size comparison with 'Cornish Snow', that's why my hand is there, but the matching picture of 'Cornish Snow' turned out blurry. But 'Blaze of Glory' is definitely much bigger - two of its petals are about as big as an entire 'Cornish Snow' flower!

Sadly, the botanical garden here isn’t too diligent about tagging their plants – either there’s no tag at all, or it’s somewhere in the back where I can’t get at it, so I don’t know what most of these beauties are called.

Looks a little like a rose at this point.

This one's just too pretty - hard to believe it's even real!


This one was similar to 'Cornish Snow' in growth habit, the same slender arching branches, the flowers also small and delicate-looking, but more regular in shape than those of 'Cornish Snow' - if I had to pick a favourite, this would be it. The other varieties, pretty as they are, just have too large flowers for my tastes.

Part 3: Orchids and Butterflies


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