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They Grow Up So Quickly

February 18, 2011

Remember the ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’ crocuses I showed you in the GBBD post?

On Sunday night, when I brought them in from the balcony, they were just little green leaf-tips poking out of the dirt.

On  Tuesday, after less than two days in the living room, they looked like this:

And on Wednesday, they looked like this:

By now, they’re probably in full bloom, but I wouldn’t know – I stuck them out on the balcony again, since I don’t need them until the weekend, and didn’t even have time to look at them. I’ve been running around like crazy, doing laundry, buying food, cleaning up the potting mix sprinkled everywhere, to get the Nettle Nest ready for visitors.

It’s possible I won’t post for a while now – I’ll be no time to get online until Monday at least, and way too much fun to even want to, and weekends like this (hanging out with a bunch of mostly-online friends) are always so much fun and so … unreal that it’s really hard to get used to doing ordinary, everyday sort of things again. Which means my backlog of posts-I-want-to-write will get even larger, but oh well. That’s a price I’m quite willing to pay. 🙂

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