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Attack From Outer Space

March 27, 2011

I’ve never bothered soaking my morning glory seeds before, but since I only got one variety to grow last year (which might have had something to do with the fact that I sowed them directly on the balcony rather than starting them indoors, and it was a bloody cold spring), and am having real trouble getting my tomatoes to germinate this year, I decided to give the Ipomoea collection the best start I could this year.

Which led to my dining table looking like this last Saturday:

My tiny little table almost entirely covered in saucers with morning glory seeds. Once again, I ask myself: What the heck was I thinking, buying nine varieties?!

I had the saucers on the kitchen counter at first, until it was time to cook dinner and we had to move them, at which time my best friend started joking about flying saucers and little green people.

I planted the seeds the next day – two pots of every variety. Again, what was I thinking?! I didn’t have nearly enough saucers for them, so one of my boot trays got repurposed. It’s the perfect size, and much cheaper than saucers, just a bit ‘wobbly’, so I had to put a wooden board under it so I can move it around (luckily I had some spare pieces of wood left).

A week later, the little green people have indeed arrived:

Of the nine varieties,  eight have sprouted already, which led to some serious plant-shuffling today while I tried to create room on a windowsill for them. This leaves all the Chlorophytums and Tradescantias in darker spots than I’d like to give them, but they’ll have to deal with it for a few weeks. As I said to my Tetrastigma (who’s sulking because it didn’t get enough water), ‘deal with it or die!

The thing that really amuses me is that there actually is a variety called ‘Flying Saucers’ (one of the few that I don’t have, because I already have ‘Carnevale di Venezia’ which looks very similar. Apparently, ‘Flying Saucers’ is I. tricolor, while ‘Carnevale di Venezia’ is I. purpurea, but that’s not enough to make me buy it. Especially since if I did, I’d have ten varieties, and I like the number ten a lot less than I like nine. I like eleven still more, so if I found another interesting variety, ‘Flying Saucers’ might have a chance, but I hope that won’t happen this year. I’ve been trying to find seeds of I. lobata, which I had for a couple of years as a kid, but no luck. But I guess I have too many as it is.

But even without ‘Flying Saucers’, a lot of them have space-related names. There is ‘Sunrise Serenade’, ‘Blauer Himmel‘ (‘Blue Sky‘), ‘Star of Yelta’, ‘Morning Star‘ and ‘Milky Way‘.

It also fits in well with the way I’ve been spending the last two evenings… having grown up in a TV-less household, I still don’t know many movies, and recently my mother and I decided to find out what the fuss about Star Wars is all about. So when ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ was on TV yesterday, and ‘Return of the Jedi’ today, I visited her and we watched them together. It was very entertaining… if any of you likes them, well, I’m sorry, but I constantly burst out laughing, and kept up a steady stream of silly commentary. Most of it was just shouting, ‘ka-boom!’ every time something exploded, but there were also some remarks like like ‘oh, it’s the mechanical Pokemon!’

I guess I’ll continue to obsess over morning glories rather than Star Wars…

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