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April 2, 2011

Apparently, a nice discovery must be followed up by a horrible one. Luckily, it didn’t involve my tomatoes, or any of my own plants. I’m still so disgusted that I can’t even think of an intelligent post title.

Shortly after I finished the post about my currant tomato seedlings, my best friend arrived for our usual Saturday afternoon of story and language chatter, cooking and watching a movie, and I dragged her over to the garden centre because I needed pots for some of my herbs. And while there, I saw… this:

It’s utterly appalling. I didn’t think it could get much worse than the dyed Phalaenopsis, which I’ve posted about before about a year ago, although I didn’t get a picture of the ghastly blue ones – Mr_Subjunctive found some of those just a few days ago.

And now… Dendrobiums!

We stood there for a while, staring, pointing, laughing incredulously, shaking our head and making retching sounds, then I informed her we would hurry home, get the camera and come back before they closed for the weekend to get pictures.

I mean, seriously? That’s not even pretty, with the leaves nearly black with dye. Urgh.

Also in the same store: Painted… oh, I don’t know? Echeverias? I suck at succulents, and it’s nearly midnight, and I’m too tired to do much research. They’re not new, I’ve been seeing them on and off for over a year now, but they’re still horrible. And they keep adding more colours.

I guess I should be grateful they don’t sparkle… yet.

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  1. April 3, 2011 00:38

    What is this I don’t even.

    Whoever these plants were in their previous lives, they must have racked up some seriously bad karma. And speaking of bad karma, I’d hate to be one of the people who produce these. . . .

    • April 3, 2011 01:00

      Haha, yeah, I think I’d just have to quit if somebody ordered me to do stuff like that.
      Luckily, we a.) couldn’t even do this kind of stuff at the teeny tiny village nursery and b.) my bosses also think it’s pretty crazy and horrible.

  2. April 3, 2011 01:46

    That is…tragic. Tragic beyond belief. The blue color is pretty…but not on a plant. It’s horrible on the plant! The echiveria (you were indeed correct) are also so painful it makes me want to barf. It looks like someone has been asking kindergardeners what they want in a plant!

    • April 3, 2011 02:54

      Yup, blue is a pretty colour. I like it on plants, too, but only on plants that naturally have blue flowers!

      The thing that bothers me most about those Echeverias (?) is how thick the paint is – it’s got to interfere with photosynthesis. These are not so bad, but the first I saw were litterally covered in paint all over – that’s not just disgusting, that’s cruel to the poor little plants!
      (Also, great to ‘see’ you again! How’s your computer?)

      • April 3, 2011 04:50

        My computer is alive! It was also roughly $300 less than the quote so I used some of the money to buy a new camera so hopefully I’ll get back to posting soon!

        I feel gross admitting this but if that coloration was real and not paint I’d probably be all over them (them being the echiveria).

        • April 3, 2011 21:28

          Yay for working computers and new cameras! I kinda want a new one, but I’m not going to buy one as long as the old one still works.

          If it were real, you’d be allowed to. But this way… *shudders*

  3. Ginny Burton permalink
    April 3, 2011 03:03

    What kind of a person would buy an unnatural thing like that? If you wanted something that hideous, you could paint a fake plant and you’d never have to bother with watering it.

    • April 3, 2011 21:26

      I have no idea… but apparently there are enough buyers that they keep making more.

  4. April 3, 2011 06:03

    My mom and I feel sorry for the poor painted Echiverias…. 😦

    • April 3, 2011 21:29

      I’m still always tempted to pick them up and scratch the paint off them… would damage the leaves though…

  5. April 3, 2011 21:51

    Can I repost one of these pictures on PATSP (with credit and link)? I wouldn’t ask, but I have the *perfect* .gif to go with it.

  6. Beth permalink
    April 8, 2011 04:49

    These remind me of those poor fish that they inject with neon dye.

  7. huy permalink
    July 1, 2013 10:26

    where did they sale them i want some they look cool aren’t they from euro? look like they type letter E infront of the number on the price tag instead of letter S so it not for sale in america? are they good to ship to US with clear port enter so i could have it

    • July 1, 2013 21:29

      Yes, this is in Europe. And honestly, I’m not going to support selling these travesties, even to people who want them.


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