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April 2, 2011

‘Coyote’ seedlings! Two of them! (OK, actually three, but I’m not counting the third until it’s all the way up and I know it’s got roots and cotyledons – the four that germinated from the first batch all were ‘crippled’ in some way, but these two are perfect.)

It feels like a pretty damn perfect day in general. It was warm enough that I could sleep with the window open (something I’ve been missing very much), it’s Saturday, the sun is shining, the ‘Gelbe Johannisbeere’ (‘Golden Currant’) plants have flower buds already, my radishes are swelling a tiny little bit, the lettuce is almost big enough to eat, the peas are sprouting, I have cake, I got paid, so have money to buy plants again, I have water melon and cantaloupe seeds, and I’m sitting on the balcony with my laptop. The only non-perfect thing is that I have to sit in the shade of the railing, with only my feet enjoying the sunshine, because otherwise I can’t see a thing.

And now it’s time to get off the computer and bring some of my plants outside, too.

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