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March at the Botanical Garden

April 7, 2011

Yeah, I know… it’s already April, I’m late again! I took those pictures on March 20th, but never got around to posting them until now.  So this is what things looked like about two and a half weeks ago:

Winter Jasmine in full bloom:

Cyclamen – compare those to the same spot a month earlier!

Far East Amur Adonis:

Alpine Squill – the elusive ‘blue stars’:

Spring Snowflakes – these always bring memories of being a little kid and scolding my parents for calling them ‘snowdrops’ – ‘No, Mama, they’re not!’ I always liked them better than snowdrops, too.

The first Rhododendron (R. dauricum):

Winter Heath and Witch Hazel:

In the forest garden, where I munched on the first few tiny leaf tips a month earlier, a thick carpet of wild garlic:

The steppe garden dotted with crocuses, their white and pale yellow or blue flowers barely visible against the gravel:

Nothing interesting was going on in the greenhouses, but I didn’t mind – it’s the outdoors areas that interest me this time of year. Things are changing so quickly in spring that I wish I could go every week.


I was supposed to go dancing today, but decided not to – far too tired after a week of late bedtimes (which can only partially be blamed on urgent balcony garden work… mostly it’s just my t0tal lack of self-discipline), and besides – as much fun as dancing is, it is indoors. It’s such a lovely warm evening, far better spent on the balcony, blogging by candlelight!

I should definitely do this more often, maybe then I’ll finally catch up with  my enormous backlog of posts.

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  1. Ginny Burton permalink
    April 8, 2011 11:46

    Beautiful photos!

    Does Rhododendron always bloom so early, or is that an unusual one? Here in the Washington, DC area, they bloom much later.

    • April 8, 2011 19:04

      It’s just the one species – a few of the others are starting now, but I think we’ve still got a month to go until the main bloom time.

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