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A Slippery Slope

May 3, 2011

And this is why I should never go to work with money in my purse:

I’ve been thinking about buying them for a couple of days – for the Anthurium, since Friday, which was when we got them in, along with the ‘Osaka’ Aspleniums, the Pelargonium probably longer than that, since we’ve had them for months. But on Friday, we were down to three or four, so I knew I had to make a decision soon. And that decision ended up being, ‘Waaaant!’

I don’t even really like Pelargoniums. I absolutely despise the ivy-leaf types. The zonal ones are generally OK – they smell like childhood to me (my mother had them in her balcony planters, and I sowed garden cress and played with imaginary cats between them) – but buying it is a dangerous thing. A slippery slope leading to another collection. I already had one. Now I have two. Which increases the chance of this becoming another collection exponentially. Because while I despise most of the popular colours – red, salmon pink, white… – there are a couple of neat ones. But I will not buy them, damn it! I don’t even know where to put this one!

About the Anthurium, I didn’t have to think much. I had some slight doubts about whether I have enough space (of course I don’t, and of course I don’t care!) and about whether I should spend this much money (but I do have the money, and it was actually quite cheap – even at the regular price, less than they cost in the big garden centres, and then I get a discount) – but just look at it! How could I not buy it?!

This time, I even found the variety name quickly. It wasn’t on the tag, which had only generic care information in pictograms, but it also had the grower’s name on it, so I checked their website, and can now tell you it is Anthurium andraeanum (? I can never remember which Anthurium is which, and the fact that I’ve just read a Dutch explanation I only partially understand doesn’t really help) ‘Tricolore’.

Now we’ll see how well it’ll do for me. Of course, I’m hoping it’ll like it at the Nettle Nest, but if it does, there’s a chance I’ll buy another one, and another one, and another one… ungh…

Also, this was what my rucksack looked like when I arrived at my Dutch class on Monday evening:

This is why I prefer oldfashioned drawstring-and-buckle to ‘new-fangled’ zippers – this way, I can still more or less close it, even with stuff sticking out of the top. With a zipper that’s not fully closed, or stretched tight over a bulging rucksack, there’s always the danger it’ll open wider and everything will tumble out (and it’s also much easier to open for pickpockets on a crowded bus).

When asked about it, I must have said something about collecting plants, because the teacher asked, ‘Do you have that much room?’

I just laughed helplessly for several minutes.

Room? Room? What is this mythical thing?

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  1. May 4, 2011 01:13

    I WANT BOTH OF THOSE!!!!! That is probably the prettiest Anthurium I’ve ever seen.

  2. May 5, 2011 19:34

    The Anthurium is just fantastic! The newpaper confirms my assumption about where you are from… actually, I recognized the pictures of the botanical garden. I’m a nerd, I know… btw I’m from the southernmost region.

    • May 5, 2011 21:24

      Hehe, I always suspected that those pictures would be a way to track me down, at least for people who happen to know it. Didn’t even think about the newspaper, though!
      I really need to visit more botanical gardens this year – now would be the perfect time to do it – if I didn’t work six days a week, up to 10 hours a day!

      • May 5, 2011 21:36

        It’s funny, but besides our local botanical garden, THAT particular botanical garden is the only one I’ve visited in Austria so far. Really enjoyed it though.

      • May 5, 2011 22:22

        I don’t think I’ve been to another one in Austria at all – in Amsterdam, yes, and to several in Germany (Munich, Marburg and Gie├čen), but not in Austria. Silly, really!

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