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Oh Damn!

May 12, 2011

Not a typical reaction to sprouting seeds… but for these, it’s appropriate.

Seriously… what was I thinking?!

I remember that on the day I planted the seeds, I was actually talking to my boss about how I didn’t like them at all… and then I had to help him set up the drip irrigation for the hanging baskets, which meant I was standing next to the three or four bloody huge plants by the control panel, turning the water on and off while the boss was up on the ladder trying to close some leaks.

And then I looked down and… ‘Oh shiiiny, seeds!’

And off they went into my pocket… and into a pot… and now they’ve started to sprout … and I don’t even want an Asparagus densiflorus! Least of all a boring ‘Sprengeri’ – a ‘Meyeri’/’Meyersii’/’Myers’/’Myersi’/’Meyers’/whatever-it’s-spelled… maybe. If I had room. Which I don’t have. And soft-hearted as I am, no, of course I can’t throw it out.

But maybe my mother will want it. She always had asparagus ferns back when we still had a house – bloody huge things, too, that spent summers outdoors looking starved and chlorotic, and winters in the cellar growing two-metre-long, completely white stalks that crept all over the room in their search for light and tripped you up when you went down to do laundry or  get a jar of jam.

Those seedlings started to come up a week ago… or two? I can’t remember – time just goes by much too quickly this time of year. I can only remember I noticed the first one on a Monday. And now look at how big they’re getting – there are seven shoots, and the tallest one is already about 15 cm tall – eep!


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