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May at the Botanical Garden

June 1, 2011

Only one day late this month – I only got to visit the BG once, so not so many pictures to organize.

Apparently, there will be a passionflower show:

That’s evil – I already love passionflowers, and now I’ll see so many interesting ones, and I can’t have them – even if I had room (which I don’t, I already don’t have room for the one I have), I already know they’ll just taunt my by showing me all those pretty flowers and not selling any.

I love the big staghorn fern with Tradescantias growing inside it – how did they get up there, I always wonder.

Outside, the ponds are full of tadpoles, dragonflies, kids trying to catch turtles… oh, and the first water lilies:

Lots of peonies, which I don’t care for… although ‘Coral Charm’ and ‘Neon’ are a little more interesting:

Rhododendrons and columbines were past their prime when I finally had time to visit the BG. I love columbines, so I’m sorry about missing them, but the rhododendrons here are never very impressive. They just make me wish I could go to Munich all the more – I was there in early May a couple of years ago (at the apprenticeship nursery, there were enough of us that I could get time off at that time of year… claiming I needed to go to Germany to meet a Canadian friend. Technically true – nobody needed to know that she was ‘only’ an online acquaintance , who I’d never met before, and I was only going to spend one day with her, and the rest of the week visiting other friends and relatives and botanical gardens.), when the rhododendrons were in full bloom, and it was stunning.

But while the rhododendrons were not worth a picture, I love the stairs leading down to them:

Maidenhair fern spilling over the side of the steps:

I just love Adiantum, but I’m not stupid enough to try it indoors again!

Looking up:

I also love beeches and Japanese maples!

I shouldn’t have to work this time of year. Nobody should. We should all be allowed to spend our days lying in the grass looking up at the trees!

And finally, in the ‘steppe garden’, the anemones of April are gone almost without a trace (OK, the leaves are still there, but if you didn’t know they were there, you wouldn’t notice them) – and instead, there are Irises:

I don’t care much for Irises, either, but…

… it would be a lie to say this is not pretty!

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  1. Ginny Burton permalink
    June 2, 2011 01:17

    You don’t like peonies? Or irises? I’m astonished! What’s not to like?

  2. June 2, 2011 11:16

    Seen too many of them, I guess, and I generally don’t like large flowers.
    It’s not that I really dislike them the way I dislike wax begonias – if I had a garden in which they were already growing, they could stay, but I wouldn’t plant any.

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