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Remembering 6/6/06

June 6, 2011

It’s the fifth anniversary of a day I remember rather fondly… (celebrating the sixth anniversary might be more fitting, but next year I’ll probably forget!)

6/6/06 started with a bang: At quarter to three in the morning, I was woken up by a loud crash. Fumbling for the light switch, I poked my head out through the curtains I’d hung around my loft bed and looked around my room

‘Oh,’ I thought when I saw my Cissus rhombifolia lying on the floor, ‘that one fell off the desk.’

Next, I noticed the bottles of sand, souvenirs from holidays at the beach, were scattered around it. ‘Of course,’ I thought, with the impeccable logic of the newly-woken, ‘they fell over and knocked the Cissus off the desk.’

It didn’t occur to me to wonder how five or six heavy bottles of sand would fall over all by themselves. Not until I looked further along the desk and  saw the Chlorophytum that had stood on top of the bookcase over the desk… now lying on the desk in a shattered pot.

That was when I finally looked at the bookcase… and thought, ‘Wait a moment… shouldn’t that be about 30 cm higher up?’

Turns out all three of the huge screws holding the bookcase had come loose (there was a reason I called that house The Sandcastle… even knocking in a nail created a huge hole as the wall just crumbled away around it.) and the bookcase had fallen down.

You'll have to excuse the blurry picture - I had to scan in that picture, as this was several months before we got our first digital camera

Surprisingly, there was very little damage, even to the many things on the desk underneath the bookcase – baskets of sea shells, an old sheepskin teddy bear, more books – because the bookcase balanced on a flower pot containing sea glass, a hardcover copy of ‘Inkheart’ (the only book that was actually damaged) and the pot of my Abutilon, a plant I will be eternally grateful to. The Abutilon itself escaped unscathed.

Once I was awake enough to do more than stare, I found it pretty funny – this had to be the first sign of the Apocalypse, or the birth of the Antichrist, or whatever other horrible event was scheduled for that day.

And it made a good story to tell when I went to the library later to join the online party at a message board I had joined some months before. The wonderfully funny people there had decided to celebrate the ‘end of the world’ with a 666-themed party and I’d decided to join them. I was still a newby, and still rather shy, but after that day, after hours first at a library computer and then in a internet café, after hours of goofing around in virtual ‘taverns’, I felt rather less shy, and much more a part of that wonderfully crazy and nice crowd.

And since then… I’ve been there nearly every day, I’ve travelled around Europe to meet some of the other regulars, hosted a meeting myself, learned so much, done so much I wouldn’t otherwise have done.

Yes, definitely a day to remember fondly! And a day to celebrate by staying up way too late, goofing around in that virtual tavern again.

It’s quite possible that this post doesn’t make much sense… in my defense (oh wow, this rhymes!) it’s way past my bedtime, and while I’m writing this, I’m also writing nonsense in another tab, trying to get my postcount at that message board up to 16666. Also, to quote a line I used more than once during a meeting with those lovely crazy people in Vienna, ‘I’m a [nope, still not telling you the name of the board]er, I don’t have to make sense!’

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