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It’s Doing Something!

June 17, 2011

Yeah, I know, another Amorphophallus-related post this week… but this time it’s about my personal plant.

It’s not acually growing yet, at least I don’t think the little tip that’s been poking up from the bulb for weeks has gotten bigger, but:

It’s growing actual roots!

Googling around a couple of days ago, I learned that what I’d assumed were root tips poking out of the bulb are actually the beginnings of offsets. Silly thing. Only just the size of a grape itself, and already thinking of having babies?

I guess that means I’ll need to put it back into a larger pot soon. I lost patience with it a couple of weeks ago, taking up space while not doing anything,  so I took it out of its pot and stuck it into the tiniest container I had, a Fruchtzwerg (‘fruit dwarf’, a cream cheese kiddie snack with disgustingly artifical fruit flavour) cup, which is about 3 or 4 cm across.

Well, damn. Now I need to find space for another pot. Those Chlorophytum orchidastrums need to hurry up and get into shape so I can sell them!

And that Amorphophallus needs to hurry up and grow a leaf, if it wants to take up space with its roots!

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