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June 30, 2011

I was such a grumpy kid… seems hard to imagine now, because I’m generally quite cheerful now. It’s only partially the forced cheerfulness that talking to customers requires – most of the time, I’m really in a good mood. Burning heat, pouring rain, late trains, I take it all with a smile and a joke. I think I may be turning into my mother, who I always found insufferably optimistic.

Anyway… there are some plants that also make me think ‘cheerful’, and because I have too much story-stuff and holiday-plans in my head to write a proper post, you get some pictures:

Calibrachoa… small and cute and, well, cheerful. Even though I wouldn’t bother with growing them at home, I like looking at them.

Ipomoea batatas, Sweet Potato vine (‘Marguerite’?)… I just love the colour. This one grows in one of the show planters at work, and it’s so happy – much happier than mine at the bedroom window. Makes me happy just to look at it.

Zinnias. We sell these in little soil cubes, and they should have been sold long ago, before they started blooming. Of course now they are pretty ‘starved’ and the plants look quite ugly, but the colours are just so happy, these bright pinks, oranges and yellows all crowded together in the box we grew them in, that I can’t help smiling when I walk past. Because we’ll throw them out soon, I brought home a few (for free) to put into my railing planters – we’ll see how they do, but I’m sure they’ll be the reason for many more smiles!

Vinca minor, Periwinkle, ‘Illumination’ – I don’t usually care much for periwinkle, and especially not for white-variegated V. major, but ‘Illumination’ is so pretty! With those warm colours, I bet they really light up a dark spot, and they make me happy if I just look at them. And then they make me sad because I haven’t got anywhere to plant them. And then they make me happy again.

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