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Harvest Monday – July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

This was a week for tomatoes and herbs.

Just a small harvest on Tuesday, some radish seed pods and some peas. I don’t even remember what I did with them.

I’m really not impressed with these ‘Blauwschokker’ peas. Sure, they’re pretty, but… five peas a week? I think I’ll be harvesting less than the number of seeds I planted!

Wednesday was more satisfying: 375 g of cherry plums from the tree at the Teeny Tiny Village Train Station (which I ate the next evening while sitting on the balcony working on a story), 120 g of chard for pancakes with chard and feta (enough for two dinners), 50 g of ‘Minibel’ tomatoes and one surprise radish for Thursday’s lunch.

Since I still had leftovers, I didn’t harvest anything on Thursday, but Friday brought another substantial harvest:

My first ever eggplant (and right now it looks like it’ll also be the last), lettuce (Lollo Rosso, Lollo Bionda – ripped up the last of those – and oakleaf), lots of lemon balm and summer savory. Oh, and some parsley and basil which are hard to see in the picture.

The lettuce went into a salad, of course, the savory I hung up to dry, the lemon balm I used to make cordial (same recipe as for the elderflowers):

I love the pink bottle! For a long time I despised pink, but thanks to some wonderfully crazy mostly-online friends, pink is now ‘magical’ and thus extremely amusing. How can you not love magic pink bottles?

I forgot to weigh the eggplant because I was so hungry/greedy – didn’t even think of it until I’d chopped it up and tossed it into a pan to become pasta sauce along with some tomatoes and zucchini from the farm.

Saturday was too hot to bother with cooking, so when we came back from swimming, Best Friend and I fished a pizza out of the freezer (homemade, I would like to point out) and made a salad to go with it – lettuce, herbs and nasturtium and viola flowers from the ‘garden’, tomatoes and onion from the farm.

On Sunday morning, we picked tomatoes for breakfast – 100 g, in early July! Woo-hoo! Last year, I was just getting the occasional ripe one at this time – but of course, the weather is so much better this year.

Is there a better way to start a Sunday morning than with a bowl of ripe, freshly-picked sun-warmed tomatoes?

Later on Sunday, I also chopped off all my ‘Tricolor’ sage – it was looking a little suicidal. In addition to mildew (pretty much permanent condition) and spider mites (new addition), it seemed to be thinking it was too wet, and some branches were drooping very dramatically. Sorry, sage, you’re not getting sympathy from me – just a beheading. Those branches that didn’t look too droopy/mildew/spider-mite-y were hung up to dry. My wardrobe will soon contain more herbs than clothes!

I feel like all I’m posting these days is Harvest Monday posts. I want to post about other stuff, but there is just so much else to do, on top of the usual work-shower-cook-eat-clean-sleep-work… – holiday preparations, which involve time-consuming cycling practise and tents in my living room, watering, watering, and some more watering, swimming, brushing up on my Dutch, story-writing, birthdays, and yet more watering.


Thanks to Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday – don’t forget to check out the other posts linked to at her blog! – and thus motivating me to post something instead of totally disappearing into ‘OMG I’m going to Italy by bike!!!‘-land.

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  1. July 12, 2011 03:54

    Nice harvest! I have Lemon Balm out the wazoo…I’ll have to try the cordial recipe!

    • July 14, 2011 22:37

      Personally, I like the elderflower one better, but it’s still a good way to use up some of that lemon balm.

  2. July 13, 2011 16:03

    Oh Italy by bike sounds divine. And your harvest is fabulous. The only thing better than a bowl of tomatoes for breakfast is a bowl of berries. I had exactly two for breakfast this morning and it so wasn’t enough. I wanted a big bowl of them.

    • July 14, 2011 22:39

      Berries are one of the things I definitely won’t be getting from the balcony. But, there is always the forest.

      Italy by bike sounds mostly hellishly hot, and makes me question my sanity again. Why go where it’s even hotter than here? But questioning my sanity is a permanent condition – until I remind myself to just accept and embrace my insanity! 😀

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