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The World Needs More…

August 13, 2011

… more dragons and goblins,

more wizards and elves,

more cloaks and long skirts,

more long-haired men and brightly-coloured clothes,

more harps and bagpipes,

more barefoot walks and jumping in puddles

more campfires and juggling,

more dancing and spontaneous invention of new dances,

more soap bubbles and laughter,

more hugs and shared food,

more places where you can just leave your bag and the most that will happen is that somebody else puts his bag down next to it,

more places that feel like a crazy, colourful village full of people you love…


I’m sorry. My mind is still not back from fairyland, and I can’t concentrate on Italy trip reports, or plants-y stuff, or reviewing the book I devoured this week… I’m feeling a little better, a little more “here” today, but I make no promises.

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