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Harvest Monday Tuesday – August 15 16, 2011

August 16, 2011

A little late this week, and a little rushed… Lots of tomatoes, 915 g in total, but I’ve been careless with writing down how much and what varieties  I harvested when.

Minibel on Tuesday and Wednesday, I remember that much – I picked all that was left of them on those two days and then ripped out the plants. Minibel was nice for getting fruit early, and I did get a good harvest (I think it was 110g on Tuesday and 140 on Wednesday, but I’m not sure), but they finish early as well. Then again, glad to be rid of them and have space for some autumn veggies, and it looks like I’ll have too many tomatoes as it is.

I ate pasta with tomatoes and mushrooms and lots of fresh parsley for dinner on both these days.

On Thursday, Rose Quartz Multiflora for lunch (they’re extremely tasty!) and Tess’s Land Race, which I fried for dinner with some garlic and a few radish seed pods.

Friday, some more Rose Quartz Multiflora for lunch, and 100g of red oakleaf lettuce – I ripped out those plants as well, because they weren’t doing too great. More room for autumn vegetables, and a nice big salad for dinner.

(In the background, you can see the apples I got from our lovely work neighbour, Mrs T. – they’re the best apples I’ve had in years, but I have no idea how I’ll eat so many!)

And on Saturday, some more Tess’s Land Race and Golden Currant, with which I tried to recreate a yummy snack a friend and I had in the Netherlands.

They didn’t turn out quite perfect, but as I thought, currant tomatoes work really well for this. And I got to use some of my nasturtium “capers” as well. I’ll just have to experiment with the dough a bit more.

Some tomatoes were also eaten without being photographed on Saturday – some Rose Quartz Multiflora, the first Galapagos tomatoes (which, despite being a different species, taste like any other yellow tomato), and some ‘Coyote’ (white currant tomato) – yum!

Which reminds me of the last harvest before I left for Castlefest, if I may include that one as well (another 350 g) – it included the very first Rose Quartz Multiflora and the first three ‘Coyote’:

I managed not to eat all of them on the train, and keep a few of them to share at Castlefest. It’s a long-standing tradition that I bring tomatoes to our meetings in the Netherlands – I think I’ve done that every time I’ve gone there.

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