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Harvest Monday – September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

It’s been a lazy week – harvest-wise, anyway. I did plenty of other stuff, but didn’t feel like picking a lot of tomatoes and doing anything with them, or like eating kohlrabi. I picked tomatoes for lunch a couple of times and didn’t even take pictures – 230 g in total, probably Rose Quartz Multiflora as usual.

The one harvest I took a picture of was mostly accidental – “oops, that was the bean plant!” while I was ripping out the morning glories on Tuesday (only one bean plant had survived being overgrown by those morning glories). So I picked the beans (60 g) and 10 g of radish seed pods before I ripped out those plants as well, and cut back the marjoram again to make it look a little tidier.

Mostly, I’ve been busy with Mrs T.’s apples. Poor Mrs T. is in the hospital with a broken pubic bone, so somebody needs to pick up all those apples. OK, she does have some relatives come and clean up the garden for her every once in a while, but they only use the apples to feed to some deer, and are only too happy to give me some.

Some? Huge amounts. I’m eating apple pie for breakfast and dessert every day, just making my second batch of apple sauce right now, and after drying some apple slices in the oven this weekend, I’ve decided I’ll buy a dehydrator after all. Planning to do that tomorrow – a dehydrator and a sharpening stone, because my favourite knife is getting a little blunt from all this apple peeling and slicing! Tomorrow, after picking up a couple more kilos of apples!

And as usual, don’t forget to head over to Daphne’s Dandelions – even if she’s having a not-so-great week as well, Daphne’s harvest is still larger than mine, and there are lots of other harvests to check out.

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