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Harvest Monday – September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

It seems I only ever pick tomatoes for lunch any more – every morning, 100 g of cherry tomatoes to eat with my sandwiches later. About 400 g in all this week (lazy Ivy took a day off again… I feel like I haven’t worked a full week since about June!), no pictures taken. I really was lazy!

On Tuesday, I headed out to buy a dehydrator, only to find out that no store keeps them in stock because there just isn’t enough demand. Ordering it would take “at least a week”. A little frustrated, I headed back home, and stopped at the hazel hedge so the trip wouldn’t be a total waste. Luckily, I was still wearing my work trousers – a pair of the Carpenter Brother’s old cargo pants, with huge pockets – so I could take a lot of nuts home. Other people go comfort shopping if something goes wrong, I go comfort foraging!

(And once I got home, I turned on the computer and ordered myself a dehydrator, which arrived a lot more quickly.)

On Wednesday, I think I had eggs that needed to be eaten soon, so fried eggs, potatoes and chard for dinner – 140 g.

On Friday, I picked up another bag full of windfall apples at Mrs T. and made another appple pie (apple pie is becoming a staple food here at the Nettle Nest!)

Poor Mrs T. … we’re all worrying about her at the Teeny Tiny Village Nursery (she lives right behind the nursery) – she’s still in the hospital after falling and breaking her pubic bone, and apparently not doing well at all. And very homesick – hardly surprising, as she loves her garden and her cats (both of them spend a lot of time at the TTVN now, even more than usual. Maxl is always distracting me from my work by asking to be cuddled and played with, but poor Peterl is too shy for that… Mrs T. is the only one who’s allowed to touch him…)

Anyway, I also meant to make more dried apples as soon as my dehydrator arrived (which it did on Friday), but ended up not having time, because I had to visit my father and my grandparents, and go see the last Harry Potter movie with my best friend (urgh! – about the movie, not my friend! – what book did these people read?!) – took me until today to turn the dehydrator on for the first time.

Nothing harvested from my “garden” for the rest of the week, because I wasn’t home, but when we visited the grandparents on Sunday, I came home with this:

Over 1.5 kg of absolutely perfect grapes!

My grandparents have had those grapevines for what must be decades (I’m not old enough to remember), and they’ve never yet had such big bunches – a really good year!

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