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Harvest Monday – September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

Or should that be Harrrrrvest Monday, as it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day? Not that I know how to talk like a pirate. (Shame I didn’t find this out until now when I turned on the computer. I could have pretended to be a pirate scrubbing the deck, then cleaning my living room floor would have been much more fun.)

Anyway. It’s been a week for tomatoes again.

Monday and Tuesday, 120 g each for lunch, and 100 g on Wednesday. I only took a picture on Monday, when it was half ‘Rose Quartz Multiflora’ and half ‘Coyote’, and I put them in a box together with the grapes I got from my grandmother:

Looked pretty, and while the RQMs aren’t as good as they were, now that it gets colder, the grapes and the Coyotes were absolutely delicious!

On Wednesday evening, I finally grabbed a couple of bowls and a chair to climb up on and did some serious tomato-picking: all the currant tomatoes and all the RQMs:

450 g each, which together with the morning harvest, puts me at exactly 1 kg in a day. Not bad for a balcony garden, not bad at all. Of course, I hadn’t picked much in a while, and I had to throw away a lot of burst RQMs (sadly, they burst rather easily/frequently).

I used part of the currant tomatoes to make some more of the bread thingies I’ve made before, with tomatoes, nasturtium ‘capers’, olives and lots of fresh herbs. Forgot to take a picture.

I did take a picture of my dinner, though:

Pasta with currant tomatoes, purple basil (from my bosses’ greenhouse – they’ve got tons) and bog sage flowers, and more tomato salad than I really wanted to eat.

I also harvested a lot of chives and cress, which I didn’t take pictures of.

Thursday and Friday I didn’t pick tomatoes, because I had the tomato/caper/olive bread thingies for lunch (actually, I didn’t eat my lunch on Thursday, because I went on an excursion with my boss and we stopped at a restaurant to eat), but on Saturday, another 450 g.

Half Galapagos, half RQM, and you’ll just believe me that the pancakes filled with tomatoes, feta, olives and basil were delicious – they were so good, and my best friend and I were so hungry after our hike that we devoured them before I could get a picture!

And still more apples from Mrs T.’s garden – more dried apples, another apple pie, and some given away to my mother and best friend – the latter arrived on Saturday with a fish that her boyfriend had caught, as a thank-you for all the apples I’ve shared with them. I loved that – I think the world would be a much, much better place if we just shared whatever we had to share.

As usual, take a look at everyone else’s harvests at Daphne’s Dandelions – thanks for hosting, Daphne!

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  1. September 20, 2011 13:44

    Bahaha! Harrrrvest Monday! I almost put an eye patch of my picture of Fitzie for my Harvest Monday picture…I should’ve done it!! And can I come over to your house for dinner? It sounds amazing. šŸ™‚

  2. September 22, 2011 04:15

    You’re going to turn into a tomato soon.

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