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Still Insane

October 4, 2011

I’m still doing it:

Sorry for the crappy picture – my camera really seems to be giving up the ghost. I can not take pictures inside (where I would have a decent background) any more at all, because my camera insists it is too dark, and pictures must therefore be blurry – and outside, I can’t get far enough away to get a halfway decent picture… and of course the camera still takes crappy pictures. Guess I will soon have the doubtful pleasure of spending hours in electronics stores, trying to figure out what would be a good (and affordable) camera.

In any case, I went on an excursion with my boss a while ago, in the course of which we ended up in a nursery/garden centre, which had a Tradescantia I didn’t have yet. I do have a T. zebrina, but mine doesn’t get as purple as this. And since I grow Tradescantias to sell to my boss, it seemed like a good idea to add another one.

And then, in another greenhouse, I spotted some gorgeous blue…

My camera, take a good picture of something small and close-up? Forget it!

But at least it shows the colour, which is probably my favourite shade of blue – so I had to have it!

Never mind that it’s another plant to squeeze onto my already far-too-crowded windowsills this winter – I need to bring most stuff inside this week – it was too pretty to pass up! It was tagged as Salvia madrensis, which it definitely isn’t. I’m not sure what it actually is, maybe S. chamaedryoides?

Whatever it is, it’s in a tiny pot for its size, so it constantly dries out, but I’m not repotting it before spring! Soon enough, it will be cut back anyway, and the less space it takes up on the bedroom windowsill (I don’t think it’s hardy here – not going to risk it, anyway, especially not in a pot!) But until then, I’ll enjoy the gorgeous flowers every chance I get!

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