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Something’s Missing

October 9, 2011

Can you tell what?

Right – the tomatoes are gone!

They’ve been looking ugly for ages – like thiTotally my own fault, because I’ve been lazy about feeding them. I could probably have gotten a much bigger harvest if I’d given them a bit more fertilizer, but then again, what would I have done with a much bigger harvest? I got nearly nine kilos as it was, which was plenty for me and for occasional visitors, and made the tomatoes my second-biggest money saver (only the chives saved me more money, but then again, the chives plants cost more than the tomato seeds.)

And even if they had still been looking good, would there have been any point in keeping them, now that the night temperatures are going down to 3 °C already (37.4 °F)? So I spent Saturday morning out on the cold balcony, harvesting the last tomatoes, bringing in the green ones as well, to ripen in my kitchen, and cutting down the plants, then walking up the street to the recycling centre (glad to live within walking distance of one!), with a huge rubbish bag full of tomato stalks slung over my shoulder, Santa Clause-style (except that it’s hard to find someone who looks less like Santa Clause, since I’m neither male, nor old, nor fat, nor dressed in red. And I most definitely do not have a beard.)

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