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Autumn in the Garden

October 28, 2011

I’ve moved a lot of stuff around in my balcony garden. The tomatoes are long gone, so many of the planters are empty. So I moved them to the back corner, away from the railing, and stacked the other planters on top of them – the peppers are still growing, refusing to succumb to the cold, there’s some unhappy-looking spinach, leeks, and radishes. I took down half of the railing planters, moving some back to the windowsill and putting in a few violas, and the rest to the corner with the other pots.

There are a lot of herbs left to harvest – chives and parsley, mostly, and thyme and lemon thyme for herbal teas.

The oca is still growing as well, in one of the railing planters. I recently learned that my instinct to leave it out as long as possible, until it freezes, is correct: oca is a short-day plant, with the tubers only beginning to form in autumn, and there won’t be much of a harvest if it gets cold too early.

Which makes me wonder… maybe I should put them in a separate pot next year and cover them with a bucket or dark plastic foil or something, the way you cover Chrysanthemums or poinsettias with cloth or foil to induce flowering.

Speaking of flowering, the Germander Sage is still absolutely beautiful – I love, love, love that dark blue – even if it makes a serious mess. It drops flowers everywhere, and if you make the mistake of stepping into them, there are blue stains all over the floor. Maybe not the best choice for a container garden, but it’s so beautiful I’m willing to forgive that.

And the Pineapple Sage finally gave me a few flowers as well. It does kind of break the colour scheme of blue sages and blue violas (with a few yellow ones and a yellow snapdragon mixed in), but it’s still be nice.

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