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Ready… Set… Write!

November 1, 2011


Meals in the freezer: twelve

Food stockpiled: more than any sane single girl should ever have

Laundry done: every damn thing but the curtains and what I was wearing

Blog posts scheduled: eight

Kitchen and bathroom cleaned: check

Plants watered: check

Living room tidied and vacuumed: check

Cut, pricked and bruised fingers healed: check

Cake baked: check

Reward chocolate and writing snacks bought: check

New inspiration picture and wordcout tally taped to handwriting folder: check

Handwriting folder filled with writing paper, notebook, printed timeline, favourite fountain pen, spare ink cartridges, name tag for write-ins, candy, teabags…: check

I love my handwriting folder, even if I don't use it much any more now that I have a laptop - all that's missing is a built-in teacup!


Timeline at the ready: check

Research done: nope, but who cares

Desktop picture changed: check

Word document created: check

Fingers on the keyboard, tea and cookies at the ready…

Waiting for the clock to tick over to midnight, to November, to NaNoWriMo…


It's just getting a little hard to find a spot to tape on new pictures and word count tallies without obscuring something else.

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  1. November 1, 2011 18:27

    break a leg

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