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NaNoWriMo Week 3: On with the Plot

November 21, 2011

This wasn’t one of the best weeks for writing… one day spent at a (bloody exhausting) workshop in another state (and I’ll have that pleasure again tomorrow), one evening spent at my mother’s choir recital, and a visitor on Saturday… not the ideal circumstances for writing. So the daily wordcounts have been varying wildly, from over 2ooo to just 130 words.

But the story is moving on. Theresa, I’m pleased to report, has stopped whining. I don’t know how many thousands of words she spent going, “No, no, no, I’m not in love with Sophie. But maybe… no, I’m not! But why can’t I stop thinking about her?” But now she’s finally admitted it to herself, come as close to swearing as she ever will (“Shoes! Sweaty, stinking, dirty shoes!“), broken up with her boyfriend, and rushed off to meet Sophie again. She’ll probably start angsting again, but then she has Sophie now to tell her to stop it.

But, once characters are happy, the story gets boring, so I had to move on to Julius, and have him and his grandfather find out that Sanna is pregnant. Which gives both of them another opportunity to demonstrate their arseholitude. Ah, they’re such fun!

And slowly, the larger issues of Tokre’s messed-up society are creeping into the story. So far, it was pretty much only about Theresa’s, Annabell’s and Julius’s personal problems (if you can say, “Julius’s problems”… his only problem so far is that he is a massive arsehole), but now the whole Kivailo oppression/segregation thing is coming into play… the way Julius’s grandfather is treating his Kivailo farmhands little better than slaves, right now I’m exploring and orphanage, and when I get back to Theresa’s storyline, I’ll have her go to an illegal demonstration against the KNP government.

Annabell’s storyline is on the back burner for now – it doesn’t become interesting until her grandfather hides someone in his attic, and that won’t happen for a long time yet.

Hm. I’ve kind of gotten into the habit of posting some quotes in these NaNo posts… is there anything worth posting this week? No interesting typos that I can remember. But this was fun to write – Theresa is on the phone, talking to a friend, trying to figure out if she has really fallen in love with Sophie (but she has not told that friend that the “someone” she might be in love with is female).

“So, butterflies in your stomach? When you think of seeing him again?” How well she could picture Isabella, the way she’d always leaned back on her dorm bed and looked at you with that little smile and half-closed eyes, head tilted back against the wall. But that description… she had never thought it would ever apply to her, but for a moment, she could actually feel an excited flutter. Just a moment, though, before it turned back into a worried squirming.

“Hm. More of a can of caterpillars at the moment. Big ones.”

“Ew. Theresa, you can be so gross.”

“Yeah, and butterflies in the stomach aren’t gross at all.”

“Butterflies are cute,” Isabella said.

“Yes, but I bet they think stomachs are gross.”

“Theresa, you’re weird,” Isabella said, and Theresa could picture her eyes opening fully now, looking at the ceiling in a silent prayer for patience for the idiots she was surrounded with. She wondered what Sophie would have said. She wondered if butterflies could be gay. That brought that silly mental image from Sophie’s letter, the devil and the penguins, and now the devil and the butterflies, and she almost laughed.

I can’t remember how late it was when I wrote that, but I would guess pretty late. I kind of like it, though, and the “caterpillars in the stomach” thing came up several more times.


I’ve decided I like writing regular posts about my writing. I’m not sure anyone cares for reading them, but hey, this is the “Letters & Leaves”, after all, and the Letters are certainly underrepresented! It’s also still a little nerve-wracking, because I don’t usually let anyone read what I’m writing, and don’t even talk about it with everyone, but I’ve decided I’ll try to continue to have one post a week about my writing. Maybe this will motivate to actually write every week!

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  1. November 22, 2011 03:40

    I enjoy reading your NaNoWriMo posts, even if I rarely comment on them. I like the thought of the can of caterpillars, it’s kind of funny.

  2. November 22, 2011 20:14

    I enjoy reading the writing thingies as well! (Actually I’m only following this to read about your writing. But the plants are pretty too. 😛 )

    And your excerpts are pretty good. They read nice and funny and of course your English is amazing! At some point I actually felt as if with a “real” book, published and all that (probably from a native speaker).

    Keep writing!

  3. November 22, 2011 20:31

    Great to know I have at least two people who like to read my story-chatter 😉

    Real book, hm? Maybe I need to post some Nanoisms again next week to remind you that it most definitely isn’t, hehe.

  4. November 23, 2011 03:22

    I know this is completely unrelated to this post but you should try growing this with one of your ivies 🙂 The only reason I say you and not me is because I can’t keep ivy alive if my life depended on it and you seem to have a fondness for them!

    • November 23, 2011 06:57

      Damn, I shouldn’t have gotten rid of my ivies! (I gave them all away when I moved here – only south-facing window sounded like a paradise for spider mites… but I miss them so much!) I can just hear my non-botanically-inclined friends say, “I had no idea ivy bloomed like that.”

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