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A Long Time Ago…

December 2, 2011

… I thought this was a crowded windowsill:

Ignore the strange angle – I think I was sitting on the floor, taking pictures of random things in my room to get to know my then-new camera, almost five years ago now.

Did I really think I had a lot of plants? There’s so much free space, enough for another half-a-dozen plants – why did I even put those poinsettias up there on top of the other pots?

The sad part is, only one of those plants is still around (the Dracaena on the left). I’m not entirely sure what happened to the others – I guess I gave them away when my parents had to sell that house. I’m kind of sad about the Chlorophytum – that plant had some history – but I’ve never liked Sansevieria much (I only had them because they’d been a gift from my grandmother), and the poinsettias… well, poinsettias don’t count.

There’s a chance I’ll post more old pictures like this – I’m once again trying to organize them, not that this is ever very successful.

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  1. December 3, 2011 14:57

    You were clearly silly and delusional back then.

  2. December 4, 2011 23:39


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