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Story Scribbling Sunday- December 18, 2011: In a Hurry

December 18, 2011

Not a good week for writing, mostly for Christmas-related reasons. I won’t write today, either, I’d rather keep cleaning.

Meeting Sophie’s parents was fun. I don’t think the story really needed that scene, but sometimes, I need a little silliness.

“Well, well, well,” Bernard said from the doorway. “I think we’ll have a problem tomorrow.”

The three women looked up at him as he walked back to the table. “Well, if Alexander and Mona come tomorrow, too, I foresee a fight about that spot on the bench.”

Sigrid cocked her head as she looked at Sophie and Theresa, snuggled up together on the short bench. “True, there might not be enough room for two couples.”

“How inconsiderate of you,” Sophie scolded. “You really should have bought a longer bench.”

“How inconsiderate of you, really,” Bernard returned, sitting down. “You really shouldn’t have gotten a girlfriend while Alex has one.”

Sophie turned her head to look at Theresa and murmured, “How inconsiderate of you to keep bumping into me until I realized how great you are. And how inconsiderate of you not to bring our own park bench…”

“Oh, you know, I think there’ll easily be room for four on this bench,” Theresa said, pushing Sophie with her hip until she moved a little. “You see, with six siblings, you learn to squeeze together a bit. We just have to move a little… a little more .. just a bit more…” She pushed another time, hard, and Sophie shrieked and held tightly onto Theresa to keep from tumbling off the bench.

And another line I love for it’s silliness:

“Other people have deep, dark secrets. Me, I have deep pink secrets.”

And now, I’m off again to clean my too-high- to-reach-the-top bookcase.

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