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My Favourite Night

December 22, 2011

Out of the bathtub and straight into bed, with fresh clean sheets, knowing that the entire Nettle Nest has been scrubbed from the top of the tallest bookcase to the last corner of the floor, and waking up in the morning knowing that now the days are getting longer again.

It doesn’t feel like winter yet. There are occasional night freezes, but mostly it’s just grey, dark and rainy, making it hard to get out of bed, especially when I have no real reason to get up, nowhere to go, nothing to do. True hibernation…

I miss snow, I miss sunshine. And I miss the excitement that this time of year brought when I was younger. Now, Christmas just feels like an empty ritual – I would have no trouble giving up celebrating it. The winter solstice, on the other hand…

I can’t say I celebrate it, as such, but I always honour it in my quiet way, cleaning everything, getting rid of things I no longer need – as winter approaches, I always sort through my clothes and donate everything that I’m not wearing any more (it’s strange, I hate buying clothes, and don’t do it often, and yet there’s always a bag or two to give away). Making each new season a new beginning, thinking about what I’m grateful for, thinking about what I want to do and achieve in the next season…

Right now, I’m mostly feeling grateful that the days are getting longer, and the weather forecast says there’ll be sunshine, and what I want to achieve is getting out of bed before noon. Oh yeah, and get those Christmas presents wrapped.

Happy solstice to you.

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