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Story-Scribbling Sunday – January 22, 2012

January 22, 2012

It’s been a good week for writing. OK, wordcount-wise, it wasn’t nearly as much as I’d write during NaNo, but I did reach 1000 words on two days, which is a rare thing outside November. So far, I’ve only written about 10 K this month – already a couple hundred words more than I wrote in December, but less than a fifth of what I’ve written in November.

Speaking about wordcounts, when I stopped writing on Tuesday, my total for January was 8,888 words. Which was pretty crazy, because I wasn’t even trying to finish on a nice number. And then I noticed the number of pages: 88! What are the chances for that?!

The plot has moved along, too. I’ve blown up a couple of subway trains, and killed a priest, and let Julius gather some information that he will need later, not that he knows it yet, and let Theresa and Sophie get an apartment together. Now, I just need some transition blah-blah-blah (and maybe I don’t even need it and will just delete it later), and I can move on to the real fun stuff. Concentration camps. And a scandal in Julius’ family. Hm, yes, writers have an odd sense of humour.

Oh, and speaking of, I’ve found a typo again:

Raven were ugly beards

I’m afraid that every time I see a bearded guy now, I’ll have to  imagine him with feathers in his face…


It’s getting more and more difficult to stick to “Goblins”, and nothing but “Goblins”. The most recent plotbunny (which I’m calling “Great Minds” for now, because, you know, great minds think alike) it mostly leaving me alone again, but when I cleaned up my computer some time ago, I found one of my old stories, the only longer one that was ever finished. OK, “long” is relative – only about 40 pages, but that’s a lot longer than the one kiddie story and the couple of Kivailo legends I finished. “The Story of Larin and Liria” is a Kivailo legend, too, but one that centred around an actual historical fact (well, in Kivailo-world history, anyway), started when I was about twelve and finished when I was sixteen or so. It’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks now… at first just in that vague way where I’ll walk down a street in disgusting weather and wish I was wearing a long cloak instead of a jacket, and then cloaks make me think of the characters of “Larin and Liria”. But last night I made the mistake of starting to re-read the old story… just a few paragraphs, but it was enough that I lay in bed with my thoughts whirling, full of secret passageways and swords and what I would write differently now… sudden possibilities of unhappy love and betrayal and murder, all because of a single “what if”… and as I read a few more paragraphs today, cringing at the writing style of my sixteen-year-old self, even more new possibilites occurred to me, and the things I’ve learned about the Kivailo culture in the meantime explain some things,  but also demand that others are changed…

But no. Stick to “Goblins”. Finish “Goblins”.

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