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Story-Scribbling Sunday – February 5th, 2012

February 5, 2012

I’ve been dragging my feet a little this week, crawling along at 300 words a day. I’m back to writing from Julius’ point of view, and he’s always the most difficult to write.

Though at the same time, I like his story, too. Writing Julius is a challenge, but I feel like I can be a little proud of myself for how I handle it. Or even simply for not avoiding it.

I’ll admit, I’m a lazy writer. I have no real plans to publish anything, or even to get anything into such a state that I could let friends read it. And I usually stick to characters I’m comfortable with. Characters with a personality I can identify with, with a similar sense of humour and similar interests… heck, I hardly ever even write male characters.

And Julius is not just male, he’s a complete bastard. Egoistic, cold-hearted, possessive, racist, a rapist. Except for the “rapist” part, all of them make sense given the family he grew up in. And in a way, raping Sanna is a result of that, too, because he was brought up to consider the Kivailo so far beneath him that they’re barely even people.

And yet… despite being such a spectacular bastard, he is the one who saves Sanna and their son, Daniel, from being put into a concentration camp. Him, and not Theresa and Sophie, however much they demonstrate for Kivailo rights. And it makes sense, too. Partly because he’s a possessive bastard and won’t let his first-born son be taken away from him, even if his mother was a “dirty” Kivailo, and partly because – however much he tries to deny it – he’s not just the proud and dignified young man, but also the scared little boy who cried when his parents took him from his familiar home to his grandparents’ farm and left him there.


Last week, Melange commented that she’d like to rummage through the notes in my story-box. I’m afraid that’s not going to happen, because I don’t let even my best friend rummage through my things, but I’ll try to post some things here when I find them. If I hadn’t already thrown them out, I’d post a picture of the handfuls of post-its I pulled out of the box here. I don’t have the post-it’s any more, but I have a lovely file on the computer that’s called “random post-it facts”, and the latest batch of post-its from the bathroom, where I sometimes have to lean out of the shower to scribble a note.

Toilet paper


olive  oil

Yeah, OK, that was the beginning of a shopping list. But there were plenty of those in the story-box as well, so it’s not entirely out of place.

JrLtL if they travel with merchants, that’s a reason for having a dog

“JrLtL” is short for Jenylay ri Larin ty Liria, which is Tosacy for “the story of Larin and Liria”. The original of that story has a lot of unnecessary descriptions of horses and dogs, which I’ll need to get rid of if/when I rewrite it. I kind of want to keep Larin’s dog, though, and am trying to justify her existence.

The Kunja coat of arms should have a water lily + a Falcon, which is maybe an Eagle

The House Kunja is the Kivailo royal family. Water lily, falcon and eagle are all references to legends about that family. Maybe I’ll translate and post them some time (well, two of them, I never finished the one about the falcon.

Some more from the “random post-it facts” file?

Body to ash, mind to smoke

Ooh if mind -> smoke
then if not burned, body rots but mind remains, so ghost = unburned mind!

The Kivailo usually burn their dead. The soul is reborn, and since the gods are responsible for that, I don’t know if anything humans do can interfere with it. The body, obviously, turns to ash. But what happens to the mind? So I decided to have the Kivailo believe it turns to smoke.

So ghosts are bodiless, soulless minds floating around. Interesting, but there’s nothing I can really do with this information.

Rimi -> remak!!!
[notebook, not post-it:]
Oooh! Ramka and Rimi both from remak! Ramka intentional? But Rimi def NOT!!
also, remak not to protect (this is what Shao does), and not to guide, but to guide and protect – FWT FTW!
Doesn’t Lionno say “to guide and protect”?

Rimi is the main character of a legend, who rescues her brother from a demon. Ramka and Shao are rivers, and I’m referencing a song that begins with, “Ramka, the sister who protects us, Shao, the brother who guards us.” Remak is a Tosacy word that originally meant, “to protect”. I might have derived that from “Ramka” (I can’t remember doing it, but it would make sense), but I never planned a meaning for “Rimi”. It would make a lot of sense if it meant something like “protector”, though!

Then I decided that “to protect” didn’t quite describ what I thought of when I say “remak“. “To guide and protect” was the best I could describe it. “FWT FTW” means “Funny Weird Things for the win, because I love made-up words that can’t be translated properly.

Lionno is a character from “Masks”, and I’m pretty sure he says something along the lines of “may the gods guide and protect us”. Probably repeatedly.


Wow, explaining my post-it scribbles is hard work! And there are a couple I can’t even make sense of any more.

I can’t remember why I wanted to come up with a different way of drawing stick figures, either, but there was one post-it on which I’d drawn about a dozen of these…

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