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It Is Finally Winter

February 10, 2012
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OK, the pictures are actually from last November, because this week I've always been too lazy to take my camera with me.

It’s been bloody cold for a while now, but now we have finally got snow as well. Still not a lot, still not enough to go get my sledge out of my mother’s cellar, but enough to at least make it look like winter.

Of course, it started to snow on Monday evening, just when I had to drive somewhere, for the first time in months. First time ever driving in snow. But I and the car made it back home save and sound, even though my knees were a little shaky, and I’m pretty proud of myself. And of course, it snowed some more on Thursday when I was supposed to drive somewhere again (but ended up not going anyway because I wasn’t feeling well).

But now it looks like winter, I don’t mind the cold so much. Suddenly I don’t want to spend all my time in the bathtub or snuggled up to the radiator in the living room any more. Now, I feel like going for long walks, looking at pretty sparkly snow, and I even got out my ice skates again, which have not left the cellar for several years, and wobbled around a nearby little lake. I managed only to fall twice in about an hour, but two days later, my muscles are still so sore I can hardly walk up and down stairs and even laughing hurts! I had no idea skating used so many muscles – I was sore from my toes all the way to my arms!

Another picture from November - now, the pond (and every other body of water except for the rivers) is thickly frozen and covered in snow (except for the parts that have been cleared for skating and curling)

At work today,  my day started with shovelling snow and stacking firewood. Then we wanted to sow some lettuce, but the soil in the soil cube machine had frozen, so we couldn’t! The greenhouse doors also kept freezing shut – at one point, one froze while I was inside the greenhouse, and I couldn’t get it open! I ended up having to climb out the side vent (and then walk around to the back door, which wasn’t frozen, but can only be opened from the outside, so I could go back inside and close the vent again.)

Looks like it’ll stay cold next week. But precisely on my birthday, it’s supposed to turn grey-and-muddy again. Bah. Why did I have to be born in my least favourite month?

But oh well. I’ll enjoy the snow and sunshine while I get it, and when it’s grey-and-muddy again, I’ll be back at work, with plenty of flowers to look at – going back to work full time next week. Less time for reading and knitting, but yay for money!

I wish I could come up with an actual post instead of random babbling… but my plants aren’t doing anything interesting, nor are my stories, and the book review I’m working on is turning into an endless monstrosity that takes ages to write. I should write a post for my German balcony gardening blog too, but I have absolutely no idea what to write about this week. And anyway I’m sore and tired and would much rather watch a silly movie and knit for a few hours.

An even older picture, for the people who are already fed up with snow (if they have even read this far) - a couple of years old already, taken at the apprenticeship place. I absolutely love greenhouses filled with blooming violas!

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  1. February 11, 2012 04:03

    At least the violas are uplifting 😛 I’m in the same nothing-real-to-post-about-rut…

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