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Story-Scribbling Sunday – February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012

Not a good week for writing. Most days, I only wrote a few sentences – one day, even only one!

One reason is that I still do not like writing Julius. One one hand, the scene is interesting – Julius, always so cold, is suddenly showing feelings (mostly fear, right now). And soon, he’ll have to learn to be a father, which he never had a real role model for. But on the other hand, I’m too lazy to put in the effort needed to make the scene good.

Another reason was that this was my first full week back at work, and I was tired after work.

And the third reason was that I wanted to finish knitting my sweater. Knitting goes well with reading or watching movies, but with writing, not so much. I just thought, “I’d need a second pair of hands,” but no, not really. Then I’d have to knit a second pair of sleeves. In any case, the sweater is finished now, and I’m wearing it right now, so my hands will be free next week.

The silly thing is that, being back at work, I have a lot of time I could use to think about what I’m going to write while I transplant seedlings or stand at the potting machine or something. That sort of thing doesn’t require much thought, and if I plan out a scene, I can ususally remember it word for word when I sit down to write.

But I don’t want to. I want to think about anything but “Goblins”. I want to think about “Larin and Liria” and “Great Minds”, I wnat to play with new plotbunnies about foxes and fairies, I want to think about books I’ve read, books I want to reread, book reviews I want to write…

Thinking about books I love can be a little depressing, because I’m pretty sure I’ll never write like that. It’s a little sad to realize I couldn’t write the sort of book I like to read. It doesn’t really matter, because I’ve never actually planned/wanted to publish anything (so this is not one of the reasons why I didn’t feel like writing this week), but a part of me is a little frustrated with how I always, always get bogged down with Kivailo world stories, which I don’t think will ever be of much interest to anyone besides me and my best friend, who has watched the Kivalo world grow for over ten years now. (Am I really that “old” already? It might be as many as twelve years now, if I was thirteen when I started “The Road Is All There Is”.) Even now, while I’m still working on “Goblins”, “Masks”, “Wirü Timay’a/Tell Me, Sister” and “Larin and Liria”, all Kivailo world stories, are all vying for my attention, while “Great Minds” is a sad, lonely non-Kivailo story huddling in a corner with the new, half-formed plotbunnies.

But still, I’m writing. However slowly – every day.

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