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Oh, Not Another One

March 2, 2012

I guess the Ficus benjamina in the mixed planter  next to the kitchen door was also hit by the cold air that damaged several other plants.

Looks like I have some pruning to do. And then I must find something to underplant it with to cover that bare spot.

Although it’s nice to see Remus again – the wolf-shaped candle under the yellow leaf at the  bottom of the picture, one of my many Critters in the Greenery. I kept that candle on my bedside table for years, because it was too pretty to light, until it became a Critter and got a name. It was a Christmas present from my friend Bone-Hard and his mother, and because Bone-Hard was also a Harry Potter fan, it was clear it had to be a HP-related name. There are a couple more Critters with HP names, and Tonks is actually living in the mixed planter as well. I don’t usually put two Critters in the same pot, but that planter is big enough for two.

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