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March 3, 2012

There I just told Tom that I hardly ever kill plants… and what did I find today when I moved the plants out of the way to open the bedroom window?

Poor Clivia!

Should I try saving it? It still has one healthy root left. I wouldn’t be terribly sorry about losing it – I bought it at half price, so not much money lost, and it’s easily replaced, but still… it bloomed quite well for me, and did OK – until I apparently overwatered it.

The Anthurium ‘Tricolore’, on the other hand…

A sunburn is not as deadly as rotted roots, but to be honest, I’ve been looking for an excuse to chuck it for a while now. It was an impulse purchase, because oh shiny, red-and-white spathes!, but I never got it to rebloom, it is constantly thirsty (and I can’t repot it because there’s no space for a bigger pot, and I don’t want to water more often either), and the leaves are really not pretty enough that I want to keep it for those.And I don’t actually like Anthuriums. Which was why it got shoved right up to the glass, hidden behind a row of other, prettier plants… not a problem in winter, but now we’ve had a couple of very sunny days, and those were apparently too much.

If I could, I’d have given it to mr_subjunctive, who I know likes Anthuriums, but since there’s this inconvenient different-continents thing, into the bin it goes. I need the space anyway. I have two Hippeastrums with buds over in the bedroom (‘Hot Pink’ and a double white miniature), so those need to come over to the living room where I’ll actually see them bloom.

PS: Well, the Anthurium is gone, and an ugly Chlorophytum orchidastrum joined it. Why keep an eternally unhappy plant if I have several others of the same species that are doing well? And I need space! I have tomato seedlings coming up, and they need a sunny place somewhere!

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  1. March 7, 2012 02:12

    Aww poor Clivia. I’m sure I would have tried to save it but then again…I might be a plant hoarder. Actually I would have chucked that Anthurium but then again it never would have made it into my apartment in the first place

  2. March 7, 2012 07:01

    Well, I’ve learned my lesson, and won’t buy any more Anthuriums. And I put the Clivia back in a pot, we’ll see if it recovers.

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