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Story-Scribbling Sunday – March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012

I missed a day of writing this week, which hasn’t happened in quite a while – but I finally made it to medieval dance practise again, and that just leaves me no time to write.

I kept the part from Julius’ POV short, but was pleasantly surprised by the things his aunt suddenly decided to do – now that Julius has taken a stand against his grandfather, she’s also decided she’s had it with the old tyrant. And I’ve figured out a few, kind of big, plot problems.

But most of the week was spent with Annabell. Finally, something is actually happening in that part of the story, although it will be a long time until Annabell realizes what actually happened.

I’m writing a little out of order right now. If I were writing strictly chronologically, I should have written a Theresa scene or two first, then another Julius one, and then the Annabell part I’m writing right now. Ah well. I can always fix that later.

Now, I’ve noticed, is the first time that all three strands of the story… well, not actually touch, but at least are influenced by the same event. The break-out from an internment camp, just before Christmas, is a major plot point in “Masks”, and in “Goblins”, Theresa and Sophie will hear about it and celebrate, Julius will suddenly have to come up with a plan B, and Annabell’s grandfather hides a “goblin” in his attic…

Oh, and writing about Christmas on warm and sunny spring days is quite weird. I’m constantly reminded about the foreword to Erich Kästner’s “The Flying Classroom”. And I seriously do not need another book on my list of books I want to reread!

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