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Story-Scribbling Sunday – March 25, 2012

March 25, 2012

Moving on, moving on – one Theresa scene finished, and one Julius scene. I feel like the plot is moving along in leaps and bounds now – maybe because I’m trying to cut back on the useless Theresa-and-Sophie chatter. I have to go back to Theresa’s POV this week, though, to a scene I’ve had in mind since before NaNoWriMo – keeping that one reasonably short will be a challenge.

And I’m feeling so organized right now. I actually remembered to do my writing early on Saturday, and not only wrote my daily bit of “Goblins”, but also half a book review before we arrived for my cousin’s wedding. Because this time I knew I wouldn’t get any writing done in the evening.
My grandfather’s birthday party was rather a surprise, but I knew that Teacher Cousin and her boyfriend husband (damn, that’s going to get some getting used to!) know how to party. (I did not know, though, that we – even our grandmother – would spend a full twelve hours at the wedding, and that I’d spend several of those hours dancing, even though what Drummer Cousin and his band play is really not my kind of music.)

I sometimes have fun listening to myself think… wondering if people who do not write ever think like that…

Sitting in my grandparents’ living room with my family, and the bride and her family pouring in, and everyone talking at the same time, hugging and exclaiming over each other’s dresses, and thinking, “That’s a moment that would be impossible to write – there’s just too much going on all at once, and too many people in the room.”

Listening to the ceremony, and thinking that some things are so much easier to write than to say.

Sitting still after dinner, half asleep after too much food and too little sleep, and a little overwhelmed by the noise and too many people-I-don’t-know-but-who-know-me, listening to the babble of hundreds of voices around me and trying to find the exact words to describe how it sounded, just in case I ever needed it for a story.

Thinking about the things I would probably never write in a story because they’re just too cheesy, but they do actually happen in real life… I hope you’ll excuse me for going a little off-topic, but one moment was just too beautiful not to share it…

Here in Austria, we have the tradition of “stealing the bride” – the bride gets “abducted” by some friends during the reception and the groom has to find her and bring her back. I had the luck of being one of the people who followed her to the “hiding place”, where another little party was going on, and we’d just gotten a drinking game going when the groom found us. But, he was told, to “ransom” his wife, he would have to get down on his knees and give us ten reasons why he should get her back. I’m not a very romantic person, but … aww. So sweet! Starting with, “Because you’re my princess” to “because you accepted a gypsy like me” to “because you’re the most beautiful person in the world and make me feel like I’m someone special”… I think it was reason number six or seven when he said, “And this will have to do, because I have nothing else to say… because I hope you’ll one day be the mother of our kids and…” and then he couldn’t go on because Teacher Cousin had sunk into his arms and was kissing him, and anyway I think he was crying too hard to talk any more… and I think everyone in the room was a little teary-eyed.

And I? I was thinking that I’d never dare to put such words in a character’s mouth…

The minds of writers are strange things…


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