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Odd One Out

March 26, 2012

I had a hard time resisting the poppy anemones (Anemone coronaria) at work. Especially the bright red ones. The pinkish-purple ones were… nice, but not exactly shouting, “Buy me! Buy me!”

I don’t need any more flowers, I told myself. My money and balcony-space should be used for vegetables. Still, every day, every time of looking at the red ones was a battle with my Wanna-Have syndrome.

Funny that the one that finally pushed me over the edge at last wasn’t red at all.

I don’t know what I’d gone to that greenhouse for – not anemones, because I only noticed it out of the corner of my eye: in the midst of all the pinkish purple:

A single blue flower!

A second look revealed both blue and pink/purple flowers in the same pot (because we always put in two plug plants to get fuller plants).

The picture kind of gives it away – I ended up buying it. I was buying plants anyway, because I needed a wedding present for Teacher Cousin and Jumping Chef, and a little something for my grandmother and aunt, so one more plant didn’t really make a difference, and I already had brought the bike basket (I ended up not using the bike basket, but that is a different story). And in any case, I have a soft spot for misfits like that. Maybe because I was always the odd one out at school, or maybe because I’ve simply seen so many flowers already that I only want the ones that are slightly different…

In any case, it’s now standing on one side of the balcony door, and today I gave in and bought a red one to put on the other side… my crocuses all died on me, so the balcony garden needs some more flowers after all… and I found another pot I needed to fill… and I wanted one, damn it!

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