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Getting the Garden Started

March 29, 2012

I think I’ve been slacking on my balcony-garden posts this year – on this blog, anyway, because I’m also writing a German balcony garden blog this year, because someone’s got to do it – there seem to be no other German balcony garden blogs out there. At least, I can’t find any. (In case I have any German-speaking readers who don’t know it yet: Gemüse aus Balkonien)

Anyway: Some pictures of the 2012 balcony garden at the Nettle Nest – not quite recent, they’re from March 17, but I haven’t had time/the right weather to take pictures since then.

I feel so organized this year because I actually thought about a colour scheme before I started planting. The window boxes have pale yellow and blue violas, because I think they’ll go well with the grey wall (three violas each, and Asian greens), and the balcony is red, yellow and orange to go with the dirty peach colour of the walls there.

The railing planters on the outside have

  • arugula and turnips
  • wall-rocket and carrots
  • parsley and chives
  • red and green looseleaf lettuce

On the inside, there are two halfway-done herb planters (lavender, sage and more chives are in already, and some borage seeds, thyme, lemon thyme, marjoram, oregano and basil still need to be bought and planted. The rosemary will stay in a separate pot, and I’m not quite sure I want to keep the lemon verbena, which is an annoying spider mite magnet.

Two bowls of radishes and botanical tulips (and crocuses, but those died. Silly things.) There’s another window box standing next to them outside the living room window, with more lettuce in it. Come May, I’ll add sweet potatoes and some other stuff, and exchange them for the viola/asian greens boxes that are outside the bedroom and kitchen window now.

A couple of violas self-seeded in one of the window boxes – I planted those into the lovage pot, where they won’t mess up my colour scheme. This pot looks very different almost two weeks later – the lovage is already big enough to start picking, and the violas are starting to bloom.

Peas and kohlrabi are already growing as well, but the only picture I have of those were taken when the very first pea seedling was peeking out, so I didn’t bother post it – now they already look like actual pea plants, so quite a difference as well.

During the weekend when I was taking the pictures, it was so warm that even the tomato seedlings and the sweet potato got to sunbathe on the railing. But I haven’t been able to do that again since then (and I, myself, haven’t had time to sunbathe or eat on the balcony, either, with work, a wedding and bad weather getting in the way).

Hm. If I simply copy the posts and rewrite the text in a different, writing two blogs isn’t that much of a bother. The whole cropping-and-editing-and-resizing-and-uploading thing with the pictures is always the most time-consuming part. And if I upload all the balcony garden pictures on the German blog, I can save upload space here, hah.

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