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April 5, 2012

Maybe life is fair after all – this took a lot less time than I thought it would:

It’s tiny, it’s white, and my camera doesn’t like tiny white things…

… but I like this picture:

Oh, and guess what, my own plant looks like it’s thinking about having babies!

I sometimes have to laugh when I look at those two little Saxifraga stoloniferas, remembering a joke from the apprenticeship place. We were one of the few nurseries in Austria to grow houseplants – not huge amounts, but a bit of everything. And with the Saxifragas standing along the edges of the tables, and other plants close to them, offsets occasionally ended up in other pots.

One day, packing up plants for an order, we found a couple of Ficus benjaminas (or maybe binnendijkii, I don’t remember for sure) with Saxifragas in them, and I named them Fixifraga, which sounds so silly it still makes me laugh. Much like Bromuchsia.

Since I made my plant share pots on purpose (two plants in one pot means one less plant to water), I guess I now have a Saxicarnea. Doesn’t sound particularly funny, though.

Does anyone else do that, combining plant names like that? I also had a fellow apprentice who could never keep Salvia and Sanvitalia straight when we were transplanting seedlings, so we were very tempted to tell her we were transplanting Salvitalia, and see if she would write that down in her journal.

Oh, and I have some other flowers as well:

Two more Hippeastrums, the double white miniature, and ‘Hot Pink’ – I don’t care much for the white one, but ‘Hot Pink’ is awesome – six or seven buds on that stalk again!

I still have ideas for posts piling up in my head, but I can’t write until after I finish my current book… maybe after Easter…

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  1. penny permalink
    April 6, 2012 19:53

    Very keen to please indeed! Perhaps yours just needed a friend to compare notes with – wishing you lots of babies soon! I like fixifraga – made me smile too. Your pink Hippeastrum is very pretty – I love all things pink! Thanks.

  2. April 8, 2012 18:24

    Windows full of plants make me so happy. I love the hippeastrums!


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