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Story-Scribbling Sunday – April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012

Nothing much to report. April doesn’t seem to be a good month for writing, or maybe it’s just that I’m back with Julius. Plodding along at 200 or 300 words a day again. More during the Easter weekend, when I had long car rides to write, but last week I was barely at home.

Still, bit by bit, I’m moving the plot along. I have to keep going – if I want to start a new story for Camp NaNo in June, I have to get a move on!

Over Easter, I had another “wouldn’t ever dare to write that” moment. If you name characters, their names should fit with their culture, right? You couldn’t give an Austrian character (whose parents are also Austrian born and bred) an Indian first and middle name, and a Japanese last name – in a story, that would throw the reader off, and no matter what reason you gave, it would seem far-fetched.

Well. Impossible in a story – totally possible in real life. I actually know a little girl just like that.

Which doesn’t really have much to do with writing, it just amuses me. Even if I could come up with such wonderfully weird and complicated families as hers, I don’t think I’d dare to write about them, because it would seem so unrealistic!

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