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April 22, 2012

I literally gasped so loudly that, if I wasn’t living alone, it’d have brought my family running to ask what happened.

Yes, I realize this is a kind of crappy picture, and that Hoya carnosa flowers aren’t all that uncommon. After all, that plant bloomed regularly for years. I got it from my grandmother when I was about ten or twelve and just starting to get obsessed with houseplants – she was fed up with it because it never bloomed, and told me that if I got it to bloom, she’d want to have it back. I think I would have given it back, too, but then she insisted it had only been a joke, and I could keep it.

But since we moved in 2008, it has only had one flower. Yes, one single flower.

Not very impressive, but I like the picture.

I don’t know if it was sulking about moving, or about getting repotted, untangled and wrapped around a new trellis, but it dropped all its flower spurs. Personally, I don’t see what it was complaining about – the last time I’d repotted it had been when I’d just got it, and – silly kid that I was – I used garden soil from a mole hill (I don’t actually remember doing it, but I remember the long vines spread out over the lawn, and I’m pretty sure I’d chosen to work there because there was a mole hill) and some old branches for a trellis.

One single flower in four years… yes, I think a whole cluster – even if one is still preciously little for a plant as tall as me – is a cause for celebration.

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  1. April 22, 2012 23:09

    I’ve gotten H. lacunosa to bloom repeatedly, and H. bella twice, but never H. carnosa, so I’m jealous.

    Also it’s interesting to me that your one-bloom picture has six petals instead of the usual five.

    • April 23, 2012 06:00

      It probably exhausted itself making six petals so that it couldn’t make more flowers!

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